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August 28, 2014



Another school year is beginning and everyone has worked very hard over the summer to have our building, grounds looking beautiful for the start date!   Schedules are finished, but may have some fine tuning that will be done once we begin the year.  They can be viewed in Genesis.

Please be patient and allow us time to work out any problems/changes that need to be made in order to give your child the best education they can possibly have.  Please do not call to request teacher/schedule changes, as that is done strictly by the students’ needs, our availability and the schedule that best accommodates each student.

After the first week of school, if you still have a request, I ask that you call the main office and make an appointment with me, to discuss any requests.  I will be happy to speak with you.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter, as the first week of school is always extremely hectic for all personnel.




Ms. K. Carlin, Principal

Roselle Park Middle School


Target has two promotional cards:

 Will give 1% of every purchase you make to a designated school.  You can choose from a CREDIT card or a DEBIT card (it is linked to your checking account).  Along with giving 1% back to your school, you will also receive the following benefits

* 5% off of EVERY purchase you make with your card both in store and online

* Free shipping from their website

* 90 days return (30 days extra!)

* No annual fee

Here is the link to the card information:


Once you create an account, be sure to link it to our school under the Take Charge of Education section.



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